Archival Regrets, the third publication in the series Lehrmaterial, is a friendship book. Jasmina Al-Qaisi created it for her workshop that took place on June 16, 2020, in the context of the seminar Letters Stolen From The Alphabet. Systems, Patterns, Orders by An Paenhuysen at Burg Giebichenstein in Halle (Saale).

A friendship book is a notebook that is passed from friend to friend, often including a theme of questions to get to know each other better, or as in this publication, to get to know yourself. Because Archival Regrets is used as a material during Jasmina Al-Qaisi's workshop, each book of this series is different. Some are empty and some have been filled in.

Archival Regrets starts with 10 instructions. The first one is to dirty this clean, freshly printed book. "In this case, the memory book I propose," so Jasmina Al-Qaisi, "is an invitation for interrogating the dust, remains, trash, and traps behind the shelves of our memory. But Archival Regrets is a kind of notebook that looks for failure, for trouble, problems, surplus, glitch, limits, and deficiency. Archival Regrets is a little bit of a hateship book or at least a vulnerable thing."

Language: English
Pages: 62