MATERIAL. The Archive of The Deadly Doris
Nr. 1 in the series Archival Material

"Material. The Archive of The Deadly Doris" consists of a selection of archival material that was collected by Wolfgang Müller and Nikolaus Utermöhlen, founders of the post-punk artist band Die Tödliche Doris, mainly from 1980 to 1987. Dr. An Paenhuysen, director of The House of The Deadly Doris from 2019 to 2022, made a selection based on historical relevance, chance encounters, aesthetic preferences and personal interests. This archive box can be used as a toolkit to come up with ideas during your studio time / workshops / residencies, ..., to become an archivist yourself and add relevant material, or to pin the material on the wall and create your own Museum of The Deadly Doris. 

- introductory pages and user manual
- 2 postcards, one with a dedication to Wolfgang Müller, one with an impressum
- 7 silkscreen prints in various colours
- 3 large postcards
- 41 copies

Limited edition of 16
Conceptualised, selected and edited by Dr. An Paenhuysen
Silkscreens made at SDW Berlin
Language: English introduction. archival documents in various languages

If you are interested in obtaining an archive box, please contact