On Thursday, February 14, 2024, to celebrate the 100th birthday year of Marcel Broodthaers, AAAAA PPPPP director An Paenhuysen talked with Michal B. Ron, author of two 5A5P pamphlets, and art historian Hannah Bruckmüller in the Sammlung Hoffmann, Berlin. After a screening of Broodthaers super-8 movie La Pluie, the conversation revolved around the Belgian artist as a time traveller and a homme des lettres imprimées. Two dissertations were central to the discussion: Bruckmüller’s Clije. Cli-je. Gedruckt, gelesen und gedreht. Zu den Wörtern von Marcel Broodthaers (Sonderzahl 2023) and Ron’s Marcel Broodthaers, Fifty Years After. Or, History in the Room of the Parrot, printed for the occasion as a unique bootleg version by AAAAA PPPPP Publishing. The wonderful word “bootleg” (Piratenkopie in German) comes from the 18th century when under the reign of King George III, sailors hid their valuables (whiskey, schnapps) in their big boots to escape the coast guards.