Open Call for a Contribution on the Senseless

Do you have a senseless point of you view to share?

A quote, a thought, a gesture, an attitude, an image, a science theory, a statement?

Email it to and we can talk in the senseless conversation room at our wobbly table in Hotel Belgrade during Belgrade Art Week. The table will be fixed with the Report on Senselessness, Cose Cosmiche’s new pamphlet printed by AAAAA PPPPPP Publishing.

Cose Cosmiche is a collective/place/catalyst/curatorial project where artists, scientists and researchers from various disciplines are called to present a reflection, a thought on space, time, energy, matter, void, to define the universe in which we live and propose new forms, ideas and theories to represent and explain the world. Cose Cosmiche is curated by Helga Franza and Silvia Hell.  

Series: Pamphlets, Nr. 3
Edition of 100
Language: English + Italian
Pages: 87