On the occasion of Marcel Broodthaers' half Memorial Birthday Party on 28 July 2020, Michal B. Ron presents OPEN CALL: SYSTEMUNRELEVANT, nr. 2 in the series Pamphlets. The word "system relevance" has gained new momentum in Corona times, deciding for instance whose kids can go to emergency childcare and whose cannot. Art theoretician and historian Dr. Michal B. Ron coins the word "SystemUNrelevant" or you can also call it "UNsystemrelevant". What is an UNsystem? What is the UNsystem? And what is more UNrelevant than to throw parties for the half-birthdays of Marcel Broodthaers, something Michal B. Ron had been doing for a few years now, celebrating the legacy of an artist who was an expert in bringing the system UNrelevant into the art system. So on 28 July 2020 Michal B. Ron calls you with an invitation, inspired by Broodthaers.

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Series: Pamphlets, Nr. 2
Language: English
Pages: a letter of 5 pages and a postcard